Collecting Texts and Manuscripts, 1660 – 1860: Conference 17 April 2015


Yesterday was the final day of the international conference held at Plymouth ‘Collecting Texts and Manuscripts, 1660 – 1860’ which was organised by Dr Annika Bautz, founding member of PUNCS.

There was rich intellectual fare on offer, and papers within the PUNCS sphere included: Susan Leedham on the Cottonian collection now at Plymouth; Annika Bautz on the Proprietary Library at Plymouth; Catherine Delafield on letter writing and 19th century life-writing; Per Widen on creating a patriotic history for Sweden, 1815-1835; James Gregory, on John Whittaker’s golden Magna Carta; Shayne Husbands on Satire and the Bibliomania; Emma Marigliano on the Portico Library at Manchester and Alexis Wolf on the manuscript collection of Martha Wilmot.


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