Sex and the City: Rethinking the Victorians Series

From the first motion pictures onwards, the Victorian city has captured the imagination of filmmakers and audiences alike. From Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper and Hammer Horror to the bustled heroines of period drama, ideas about sex and the city are never far beneath the surface of London’s panorama on screen. Join Dr Jenny Graham, of PUNCS, to look, through film and with guest speakers, at the lives of men and women in the period.

Our first guest speaker is the distinguished historian of gender and sexuality, Dr Lesley Hall, Wellcome Library Research Fellow, who will be talking about

Passions between Women in Victorian Britain

26 April 2016, 19.00 – 20.30

G. Henry Evison, The Windsor Magazine, vol.28 (June to November 1908)p.119. Image courtesy of PUNCS.


Join Dr Hall as she explores the fascinating subject of romantic friendship between women in the Victorian period. Were passions between women deemed appropriate only in adolescence, to be superseded by marriage, or were things rather different in reality?

Dr Hall’s talk will examine the stories of women who loved and were loved by other women in 19th-century Britain, which reveal a more varied account than the stereotypes allow.


Venue: Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building

Tickets info: £6.60 / £4.50/ free to Peninsula Arts Friends

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Claude Shepperson, illustration to Frances Rivers, ‘A Time of Roses’, The Windsor Magazine (1908), p.343. Image courtesy of PUNCS.