New edited collection from PUNCS members !

We’re delighted to announced the publication of the edited collection Libraries, Books, and Collectors of Texts, 1600 —1900 (Routledge Studies in Cultural History), edited by two PUNCS members, Annika Bautz and James Gregory, and featuring a chapter from Susan Leedham, whose AHRC-funded PhD at the University of Plymouth studied the Cottonian Collection at Plymouth. The chapters study collectors’ roles as well as the collections of books and texts which they assembled: studying British, continental and transcontinental European public and private collections from the Renaissance through to the modern eras.

Bautz and Gregory book (2)


For those interested in the nineteenth century, there are chapters on the Cottonian Collection as a gentleman’s library c.1791—1816 (Susan Leedham); John Couch Adams’s academic collecting (Sophie Defrance), catalogues and readers in the Luso-Brazilian world (Luciane Scarato), Plymouth Public Library’s catalogues (Annika Bautz), ‘bibliomania’ and satire (Shayne Husbands), the golden Magna Carta of Whittaker (James Gregory) and an overview of domestic libraries in the age of T.F. Dibdin, by Keith Manley.


PUNCS Conference 7 March 2015

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7 March 2015 saw the public launch of PUNCS with a 1-day conference, PlymouthSoundings bringing together members and guests.

Topics ranged from  …  Plymouth Proprietary Library and the prestige associated with establishing this new civic amenity in the context of the Napoleonic Wars … class identities expressed in the ‘dog fancy’ and rabies panic … the reception of Vasari’s Lives of the Artists in mid-Victorian Britain … representations of the legal profession and concerns about legal education in the nineteenth-century and today … the gendered aspects to the great Mechanics Institute movement … to matters cosmopolitan in the Cottonian Collection library … and moral regulation in the Three Towns.

More details of the event will follow.