International networks

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS): sponsoring annual meetings since 1986 and collaborating with the journal Nineteenth-century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal.


British networks for the study of the nineteenth-century

British Association for Victorian Studies, established in 2000.

See also the wordpress site for BAVS Postgraduates, ‘The Victorianist’, which includes a numbe rof useful links to postgraduate networks, rseaerch centres in British universities, rseaerch groups, and links to sources.


Birkbeck, University of London: Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies

Founded in 1996, this centre focuses on the work of academic staff and graduate students, in the era 1790 – 1914.

The Durham University Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies 

Durham University-based, this is a locus for research across the disciplines of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences.

Northern Nineteenth Century Network

A collaboration between research-active Humanities staff and higher degree students at the Universities of Leeds Trinity, Huddersfield, Hull, and Cergy-Pontoise in Paris.

Long Nineteenth Century Network, University of the West of England

This research group aims to promote research interest in the Humanities in the period c.1760 – c.1940, and offer a forum for collaborative activity across the Department of Arts, University of the West of England, and with other scholars in the UK, particularly those working in universities in the South West region.



‘The Barbican, Pool, &c. Plymouth’ published by Peter Jackson, London and Paris. Engraved / designed by T. Allom and H. Wallis. Image courtesy of James Gregory.

Nineteenth-Century History: Plymouth Sites

This site will include links to a number of institutions and heritage locations in Plymouth and the Plymouth area, established during the ‘long nineteenth century’.


‘Interior of the Athenaeum, Plymouth’ . Drawn by G. Wightwick and engraved by C. Mottram, c.1832. Image courtesy of James Gregory.

Plymouth Athenaeum

Established in 1812.


Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Originating in 1897.


Plymouth Proprietary Library

Established in 1810.



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